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Sunday, February 8, 2009

~laguku untukmu~

~Almost Paradise~

Almost paradise
more glorious than dawn
ur love is for me
feels like i own the whole world

In my life
like a dream in my tired life
I hope I can treasure ur love forever

I hold ur hand and shout to the world
I swear to heaven, I will love only u
Like the stars in the night
A beautiful dream paradise that belongs to us alone
I can go anywhere, to my paradise

Days without u,
I'll forget all the pain
This is only the start, being with u
Start to travel, start to run
Loving u forever

Almost paradise
Warmer than the sun

whenever i'm tired, lucky in my life
like a dream u come to my side
whenever i'm sad, lucky in my dream
u always surround me with ur warmth

no matter when or where i always smile like this,
no matter how much more troubles on earth,
i'd never let u see my tears
even if u dont know my heart

even from afar
i can see ur smile, i'd feel very lucky
can u come one step closer to me?

~credited to Boys Over Flower series
ji hoo sunbae, saranghe~


mr cekodok said...

jan di, saranghae=)

ZirCon gurL said...

wah, dh pndai ckp korea ni..
le la gi korea nnt..haha~