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Monday, December 10, 2012


I thought that life of any student would be the same
But it doesn't seems so now

My principle is easy..
If I got a lab work, I'll spend my days even night at lab, regardless weekdays or weekends
It's all because it is my responsibility and my aim to complete this as soon as possible

But if I don't have lab works to do, I rather spend my life at room
Yeah it sounds so damn free and good, isn't it?

Let me tell u how it works
I woke up in the morning with a very fresh mind
To try writing some papers, reports or to analyze the data
But believe me, u can spend 1.5 hours without writing anything!
And believe me, u can feel ur mind is so tired of thinking

And..u may end up urself lying on the bed..again n again..
It feels better to take a nap just to let ur mind rest

And now I'm lying on my bed for the 2nd time of the day
«tiring eyes n mind»


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I need to let it go

It's been 3 and half years..
But everytime I saw that logo,it hurts me, even more
The logo would remind me where I supposed to be, what I supposed to do, and the most important thing, that's my dream job ever

My roomate and I had a long conversation about this
She experienced the same damn feeling
She reminded me that,maybe this is the best time to let this feeling goes
It's been too long to keep this pain

Just believe that,Allah wants u to learn how to go through this hardship, to appreciate what u have, to move forward without any regrets, and to accept ur fate dgn redha..
InsyaAllah,if u manage to get over it, He will always give u a better life, instead that's the best for u
Cuz u never know what's the best to u,until it comes at the right time
2013 is coming, I should left d pain, and welcome the happiness with my warmest heart
And i know, I've been blessed a lot since I'm here
And I am really thankful about it
Alhamdulillah..It's not that difficult to say it right?