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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Experiment n testing


Our life is always being directed / being told
Tp life in PhD, xde sape pnah bgtau..

Semua benda dlm hidup mesti ada ups n downs..
Kata hidup bak roda, x gitew?

I always thought that student life is more way easier than any other job
I worked once, I studied a lot..that's why I put my thinking that way

But what I can say now is PhD life is incomparable with any other life kt dunia
Bila everything going smooth, u might be the happiest person on earth
Tp bila satu je masalah which will lead n effect ur result, u'll feel like everything is dumped on u

When peoples ask about PhD, I'm going to be even now
I always say, pk btol2 b4 pursue..
X macam masters dlu, I always ask peoples around me to join!
But for PhD,the stress is different..

U can't imagine how the stress can really affect ur daily life..

Aaaaaa x sabaqqq nk abeh wehhhh..