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Monday, November 3, 2008



aku dah x mampu senyum atau rs rehat sket ble study week dis time..
*kenapa: translation from korea*
kenapa dak chemy dilayan cmni??
tulung la jwb wahai lecturer2 yg dikasihi..
i thought that i only have env test to worry for dis preparation week
so that i would not have to worry much about the papers coming..even i still have to..
out of sudden, the announcement out on Thu evening:

ANNOUNCEMENT (30 October 2008)

Oral Presentation is to be held from 3 - 7 November 2008, please check your schedule in the attachment file (updated at 6.20 pm 31st Oct). It is a 15-minutes presentation followed by 10-15 minutes Q&A session. You need to submit a copy of your Interim Report together with the evaluation form to the Examiner by tomorrow to give them ample time to read your report.

nice kan??
very nice of u, my dearest lecturer..
so wut do u mean by study week???


do u have any idea how should i accomplish my study for the straight 3 days papers coming next??
could u count for me how many time should i spend for each paper which i need to memorize every single thing??

or else, u dont know my exam timetable??
so, let me tell u..
do check this clearly...

10th: Malaysian Studies

11th: Environmental Law, Regulations and Pollution Preventions

12th: Small Business and Entrepreneurship

15th: Engineers in Society

26th: Mandarin

does this schedule look comfortable enough??
u'll say yes it is...
congratz utp!!!
u r really producing 'well-rounded' student!!

my dearest course mate, good luck~
do ur very best k?
wish me luck then..

"Ya Allah, permudahkanlah sesuatu yang amat sukar bagiku.. Sesungguhnya, memudahkan sesuatu itu, adalah amat mudah bgMu.."



Muhamad said...

meluahkn perasaan tuh..
hehe..lek2 saba2..
ala exam je pn..
bnyk lg mende lg ssh dr neh..
haha..u can do it~~

ZirCon gurL said...

maseh2 wahai kaunselor x terlatih..

ShafliZzoE_Se7eN said...

kuatkan semangat..ingat pesan ayah... blaja biar smpai ke lubang cacing... this is part of it... dont be down..take it as a CHALLENGE!!

ZirCon gurL said...

thanx a lot~
jz too afraid if i cant make it on time..huhu
but thanx a lot d wish n for ur concern

HARITH said...

tag..u r next