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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i am sorry...


i know u r lonely
i know u r feeling helpless
i know u hurt so much since last 2 weeks
i know it..

i know it very well even u r not visibly showing that to me
it hurts me seeing u like this
it hurts me more when u fell down yesterday during ur tournament
it broke my heart knowing u were bleeding.. even it is not serious..it still hurt me..

when u called me, its not that i dont want to talk to u
i know u need someone by ur side
i know u really need someone to accompany u
i know u wish someone will always be with u to push away ur sadness n ur stress

n i know that 'someone' is me...

but i'm sorry...
i really have a lot of works
i stuck to do my reports
i have test
i have reports to be finished
1 major project
i really dont have much time for this 'last-minute' work again

that's why i cannot talk to you for long
that's why i cannot often come to you

but i wish i could..
i owe u so much
u r the closest person to me
u fulfilled almost everything that i wanted

i really want to accompany u..
but please understand me a bit
i may not telling u my situation cz i dont want to burden u some more
but i jz really need u to understand me
jz 2 months..then i'll be with u..insyaAllah..

please dont think that i'm not there for u
i am always by ur side
but this time, ouh no2..this week.. i really need this week..
i'm sorry for hurting u..
i didnt mean it..
it hurts me when u ended our conversation jz like that
i really want to cry, but it's ok if u r alright..
i jz need the old u.. the most cheerful person i ever know..

i really LOVE u...
please push away..far away..ur bad feeling..ur stress..ur unwanted feeling..
please dear please..
I am always here for u...


sourplum said...

die phm tu
chill la~

mr cekodok said...

jgn sedeyh2
sheria selalu~

ZirCon gurL said...

thanx korang..
harap2 dia paham..
nk kasi dia cool down dlu...

balqissy said...

bila kita ikhlas, keikhlasan itu akan sampai terus pada dia...

ZirCon gurL said...

everything's fine now..
thanx God..