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Monday, May 14, 2012


who is agree that maturity comes along with your age?
who is agree that maturity comes with you experiences?
who is agree that maturity comes with your common sense?

I'm counting your vote now..

ok, just joking.. I am not doing a survey here.. ;-)

I still remember, it was in 2008 after me and my friends done with our internship program..
when everybody came back to school, for final year, a big change was shown in each one of us..
it was in our attitude, manners, understandings, and so on..
but the main thing was, everybody changed!
and I would say that it was a good transformation..

every person seems to know how to deal with life better, how to consult people, how to genuinely communicate but yet to offend people..
these are the things that I am talking about..
and we noticed it.. we brought the experience to the working life..

now I'm still dealing with education things..
and I was expecting the peoples around me would be much much more experienced..
because, we are not in the bubble of freshie!
we are no more undergraduate students..

but why.. why there is still people that act like an undergraduate?
oh no, this is even worse, she acts like a school student!
come on, grow up la!

you are still playing those games we used to tease friends in high school by putting the disgusting lizard egg on my phone? and you try to scare people by standing at their back door?
that's annoying!

you are so ignorant that you avoid to understand the signs we give to you that we are offended enough when you are always take advantage on us?
you have no human sense!

and you are just make us annoyed with u more each and every day!

peoples, help me to deal with this kind of species..
i just dont know what to do.. -_-

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a, baginda Nabi S.A.W telah bersabda, "Barang siapa yang telah meringankan salah satu daripada kesusahan orang mukmin di dunia, maka Allah akan meringankan salah satu kesusahannya di hari kiamat"

dont make peoples feel hard to deal with u..


Anonymous said...

maturity comes with experience
umur tak menentukan kematangan seseorang tu
sbb dari pengalaman yg mengajar kita kehidupn :D

Riana said...

like3 the last phrase..=)

Sekali Cinta said...

nice blog...like it!

ZirCon gurL said...

@farah hanim- kalau kita learcn something dr experience tu, br kita le jadi matured enuf..

@riana- keep on reading, tq! =)

@sekali cinta- tq gak!

misz inz said...


yesterday when we met, i realized something..i miss UTP and all those valuable experience gained there.. and most of all, i miss all of us back then in UTP.

i guess maturity comes through experience..and so do wisdom..that complement each other. you dont simply become matured without having the grasp of wisdom..

i have alot to tell you..but unfortunately time is limited..i really, really wish we can sit all night long and have all the pillow talk i wish with you...

ZirCon gurL said...


me too my dear.. I do have a lot to share, to tell.. wish to regain our good old days, sharing everything, try to get advice..i love it and i miss it a lot.. datang la utp, serius nk sgt spend masa dgn syuk n nabila lagi mcm dulu.. ^_^