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Friday, March 16, 2012

congrats my bestie!

in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful...

it's March!
and what I have for this month???

it was my best friend's wedding!

1st of all, million congratulations my dear roommate!!!
even it was a hectic week, I still managed to be there..
to attend your big day..
with biggest present I guess.. :-p

btw, sorry for being a bit late and only there during your main ceremony..
willing to take a flight, only for you! :)

u must be wondering where I got this pic, aren't u? :p

u were so gorgeous, seriously!

and I am deeply happy as there is someone that'll always be with you..
and I know, he's the best! definitely! :D

last words, I pray that you'll have a good life in your upcoming days..
and you'll complete each other

keep in touch,

yours sincerely,
(roommate 05-09) *wink wink*


xi da ya said...

awwwww,so sweet..hihi.
many thanks my dear rumet!!hihi.
rumet tetap rumet, husband tu bedmate.eh?hahaha~

eh,mane dpt gmba itu!!
tp kalo ikut dr segi posisi, mcm gaya dpt dr mms je.dr faid kah?hihih.

doakan my new life!smoga aku jadi lbh baik dari sblum ni, insyALLAH..:)

n aku pn akan doakan ko supaya dpt rasa bahagia sptmana yg aku rase.:)

ZirCon gurL said...

aah btol2!!! dr MMS faid..tu je smpat aku transfer..hihi

ok, next>> doakan aku! taun ni aku bg can kt korg dlu..hihi