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Thursday, February 16, 2012

weekend dilemma

what peoples normally do during weekend?
when i'm currently pursuing my studies, i mean full time study, all the memories keep on hitting my brain

it was 7 years back since my 1st year..
undergraduate time was really interesting, wasn't it?

I still remember, most of my weekend I enjoyed spent it in tronoh or ipoh *wink2 ;-) *
its either 'qada' tdo, or movies+makan2, kan cik rumet?

but the feelings are so much different now
as the days approaching weekend, I'll keep on thinking of going back
the feeling comes stronger when I think about my mom

and I know it well.. it's mainly because I lost my precious ayah..
I keep on thinking, who else can always be by her side after her lost

if I could, I would want to spend my entire seconds with her
that's why I always have my weekend dilemma
or can I call it as HOMESICK? ^_^

ok, lets compare with married peoples..
as they are apart from their family or spouse, they tend to travel back and forth for almost every week!
and it's definitely because they miss their family!

so I am questioning myself...
why..why we are as sons and daughters, we are barely to do that to our parent..

if only we know we don't have much time, definitely we'll do it, aren't we?

lets thank to Allah as He is still giving us the time to collect our pahala thru our parent..
this is the easiest way to Jannah, insyaAllah.. =)


misz inz said...

insya Allah. zeti rindunye~ rindu sgt nk jumpe korang semua!!

hrp2 boleh jumpe waktu wedding dayah ;)

*hugs&kisses! =)

ZirCon gurL said...

rindu kamu juge!!
xsabar nk jmpe korg sume..
insyaAllah, time wedding knpem le jmpe..
make sure korg stay smpai ptg tau! =)