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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

pension @ 60???

i am totally disagree!!!!

u r blocking fresh's opportunity!!!!!

for me, job hunting was really really hard!

i've gone thru this...
i jz dont want to see any of our future precious gems to feel d same as I was..
it was suck for me!

a graduate from engineering background shouldn't have feel the burden..
plus, I think my university is a great Uni!

unless, they are willing to hire fresh in order to learn some pass down task from the seniors!
but, i dont think so! they are not willing to pay more...aren't they?

and how do fresh can gain d experience if they don't get the job?? tell me....

government should take some actions if this scheme to be implemented...


xi da ya said...

stuju sangat2!!
so,lets move to ___ line.

ZirCon gurL said...