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Saturday, July 25, 2009

it's a long journey to go anyway...


sekian lama blog dibiarkan.. tbe2 rs sedey nak menulis ni..

i got a placement.. i should be happy rite..
go here..

yes, I am happy..

but, deep inside, a little doubt keep echoing me

1st: am i ready to work???

2nd: i am truly happy being in GEMS
lots of members here
just about to get close

waaaa~ sedeynye nak tinggalkan cni...
even i've been here only for 3 weeks, but it is still a lot of time for me

i am really happy being in here

so, i should go aite?

will miss everyone ere

especially my love-hate buddy
guess who?

also to cherry..
jz know her for a while
but, it means a lot!!

n aini...
i also get to know her better here

to sue n diyla..
my ENglish classmate
i'll miss u a lot!!!
won't forget every single time we spent together

*sedey mode*


sUe said...

dah dapat kerja eh?
selamat menempuh alam pekerjaan. =)

nUrHiDaYaH said...

dpt chem eng tu..
kene banje aku nnt!hee~
aku support ko..:)
*senang la jmpe pas ni,dkt bangat ngan umah aku tu dong.hee~

sourplum said...

GEMS tu ape?

sueey said...

sedeynyer~tp journey has to go through..x kire camaner pon..hopefully happiness will wait 4 u tehre~luv u..

:: Fariz Azhar:: said...

setiap benda pasti ada hikmahnya...fikirkan yang terbaek ye dik tot!!


ZirCon gurL said...

kak sue- thanx~

dayah- that gak.. jejomz jmpe..hee~

sourplum- GEMS tu.. try google..mesti ade..

sueey- sdey gak..waa~ love u too~

fariz- i'm still thinking..