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Friday, November 16, 2012


it's been a while since my last writing

banyak sangat nk update, tapi jari jemari sudah longlai untuk menaip

cukuplah sekadar aku katakan yang life sebagai phd student semakin hari semakin susah

tp ini jalanku, jalan yang aku pilih, jalan yang Dia bawa untukku

aku redha, malah amat bersyukur

everybody has their own pathway, and this is mine

sometime I'm stuck nowhere, sometime I don't even know where to start

but one thing I know

He is always with me, right beside me, regardless I remember Him or not

*poor me for spending time which I ignored Him

and so do you

if you stuck, if you happy, never ever leave Him behind

I know, you know, we know, the best quote would be His ayah in noble Quran

and I hope, I will never feel the gap with Him

if I can't catch Him, I won't catch anything in this life