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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

awkward feeling


rite now I have an awkward feeling deep inside my heart..

I'm happy, but at d same time I feel like d loneliness will linger around me soon

I know I have to let this thing go, its for her happiness...

I am happy for her, but sometime I do feel that she will leave me like the others..

I shouldn't have this feeling.. but I can't even hide it...

for the past 4-5 months, I did feel this way..
less pillow talk...
less shopping.. 
less wayang...
everything that I ever spent with her become less..
even lesser after this I think...

but whatever it is, I am super happy for you

hope this happiness will be with u for the rest of your life

can't wait for your BIG DAY, dear!!!



xi da ya said...

less shopping..
less wayang...

kan ade ehem2 utk teman..;p
im happy for ur sis too!!

ZirCon gurL said...

aish... xsama la...hehe

nway, thanx~ =)