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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

deep inside..hihi

i found sumting nice to share..
"In life, ALLAH doesn’t give you the people you want instead. ALLAH gave you the people you need. to teach you. to hurt you. to love you. and to make you exactly the one you should be. no mountain’s too high when there’s a will. no river’s too wide believe there’s a way. at last you will get back only what you gave."

lately my life quite miserable i tink..but i didnt seem so aite..haha~
gud enough 4 me 2 stay in dis condition..
about d quote above..i tink u all could understand it..
maybe more than i do..
its jz about how deeply u need sum1 in ur life..
n how u gonna grab her/ him..
4 me, d way u r getting them is d most important..
how can u reach them..how u can persuade them..n how can u proove them..
mayb u've tried so many ways that u tink are enough from urself..
but if d person herself/ himself cant look at it..so wut d point?
all u need to do is keep on trying..
trying n never ever give up..
never ever show ur weakness..
never ever dissapiont her/ him..
n d most valuable is u do everything jz 4 her/ him..
proove dat u can be d most dat she/ he want..
especially 4 gurl..gurl need to be protected..
to be loved..to be understood..to keep in touch..maybe..
n for a gurl, if she approve on sumting, dat d best answer she can gv..
n at dat moment, she jz hope d best will happen in her life..
even she'll hurt..she wont mind..as long she can stand..she'll let it be..
but beware!! if she cant stand wit it anymore..u'll find her worst answer..
n dat tym is d most critical tym 4 her..4 her entire life maybe..
u can say wut u want to..but only she know everything inside..
to get another chance from her...jz gv her space..
even 4 a new love..jz gv her some space..
she really need it..n she really want it...
n remember, if u re'want'or want her..again, dun ever gv up...
dont show ur weaknesess..cz she'll feel sorry then..
n dont u ever force her...cz maybe another worst will happen...

inside ZirCon heart...
“…and I will continue my journey as long as my heart beats no matter how many times i fall…”


nUrHiDaYaH said...

"gurl need to be protected..
to be loved..to be understood..to keep in touch"
aku sngt stuju ayat ini..
ni sume dugaan tuk ko.
hope u can face it n dont forget dat ill always there to share ur problem..:)

yg pasti tajuk post kali ni mcm familiar.haha~deep inside..

ZirCon gurL said...

maceh ye yot~
i tink i'm gud enough dah kan?
tol x?
hope aku lg stronger..haha~

tajuk mmg familiar..pas taip br ingt ko nye..haha~
sharing is caring..wee~